No Depression Says Sam Riggs Ready For Prime Time

Here’s a special heads up for the producers of television’s “Nashville.” Hire this fellow Sam Riggs as one of your songwriters. Luke, Raina, Deacon, and The Exes could all benefit from his abilities. Never mind the fact that the material he writes sounds like an ideal entry for inclusion on any of the show’s soundtracks. Call it commercial country, a radio ready offering or anything else that suggests it’s a match for the mainstream, Breathless finds Sam Riggs perfect for primetime.

Although the emphasis is on heartbroken ballads, Riggs shows his knack for writing songs that create an instant connection, from sad soliloquies (“The Lucky Ones,” “To Save Someone You Love,” “One More Chance To Stay”) to rollicking upbeat offerings with assured audience appeal (“Burn Me Down,” “High On A Country Song”). Granted Riggs isn’t fussing with any formulas here; these songs would certainly suit any Music Row publisher looking for songs with a high hit potential. Nevertheless, this isn’t your usual innocuous mix.  Lyrics like “Just one kiss from your novocaine lips and you take all my pain away” (“Breathless”) and “The fire in your touch, it’s like a needle in my veins” (“One More Chance To Stay”) hint at some darker designs. Still, given Riggs’ expressive delivery and the music’s professional polish, there’s no reason to handicap his chances in any way.

All it will take is a little exposure to ensure the fact that Riggs will have arrived. - No Depression